Dry water massage by Wellsystem

Wellsystem concentrates on developing and marketing products that serve the growing demands society is making on health and body aesthetics.

Wellsystem Medical and Wellsystem Medical_Plus are ideal therapeutic enhancements for patients suffering from conditions such as stress, muscular tensioning and backache. Moreover, low operating costs as well as minimum demands in terms of space and personnel make the Wellsystem Medical Products highly economical. More

Wellsystem Relax und Wellsystem Relax_Plus provide whole body or partial body massage using the targeted force of warm water. They ensure complete relaxation for body and soul, providing invigorating health benefits at the same time. Fully clothed, without having to take a shower afterwards. Wellsystem Relax Products are a profitable investment in the wellbeing of your clients and staff, alike. More

Wellsystem_Spa creates a world of relaxation using water, light, air, colour, aroma and sound for individual relaxation requiring a minimum of space. Wellsystem_Spa is the valuable addition for all Wellsystem products and enhances the recuperative effects of the dry water massage with its diverse range of programmes. More
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