Profitability –
high economic advantage

Wellsystem Medical_Plus is approved by the Medical Devices Directive (MDD), class IIa and offers you major financial benefits in addition to its outstanding therapeutic characteristics. Wellsystem Medical_Plus proves a profitable investment with quick returns.

There are many various ways to use Wellsystem Medical_Plus, for example for massages whose costs are paid for by private health insurance or individual health services. In order to simplify payment options there is a LAN-interface for all commercially obtainable control systems as well as chipcards with integrated payment functions. Wellsystem Medical_Plus is distinguished by its high level of operating and user comfort and requires little space or personnel overheads. Your patients utilize the dry water massage while clothed. Through the unique mode of action and the user-friendliness you invest in a therapeutically practical and, at the same time, financially worthwhile addition to your practice's range of services: Maximum range of services with a minimum of effort for personnel and patients alike.

Wellsystem Medical_Plus pays off with an average of only 3 app lications per day.

Wellsystem Medical_Plus calculation*

Based on a 15 minute massage on the Wellsystem Medical_Plus for € 10.50.

At 12 patients per day

Operating hours per day 3 hours
Revenue per year € 31.500
Revenue per month € 2.625
Leasing € 449
Electricity costs € 38
Surplus per month € 2.138

At 8 patients per day

Operating hours per day 2 hours
Revenue per year € 21.000
Revenue per month € 1.750
Leasing € 449
Electricity costs € 25
Surplus per month € 1.276

* The calculations are based on the following assumptions: 5 usage days per week, 50 weeks per year; Leasing duration of 54 months, 0% deposit, 5% residual value; Electricity costs per operating hour € 0.60, based on an average price of approximately € 0.20 per kWh. Gross figures.
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