Programmes –
dry water massage for all demands

Massage programmes are available on chip cards for. For Wellsystem Medical_Plus there is also a selection of 6 perfectly balanced programmes which are already integrated into the device. In addition, freely programmable chip cards are also available, enabling you to store customised combinations of massage times, pressure strengths and massage types.

Moreover, Wellsystem Medical_Plus also provides you with the ability to move the massage nozzles to precisely defined positions and save these to a chip card as a programme.

The following 6 massage programmes are available for treating the most important muscle groups:

OB1: Shoulder / neck area: M. trapezius, M. levator scapulae
OB2: Thoracic spine parietal vertex: Mm. rhomboidei, M. serratus post. sup.
OB3: Upper lumbar spine to L3: M. iliocostalis lumborum
OB4/EX1: Ileo sacral area
EX2: Buttocks: M. piriformis, gluteal muscles
EX3: Thigh dorsal area: M. biceps femoris, M. rectus femoris
EX4: Calf muscles: M. gastrocnemius, M. soleus

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