The new Wellsystem Medwave puts special emphasis on the strengthening and loosening of the neck and shoulder area. The musculus trapezius is an important predictor of mental stress and, if stiffened by a tense body posture, can cause pains and extensive tenseness throughout the whole body.
Thanks to the specially shaped mat, which ergonomically surrounds the shoulder area, the massage jet can move around the complete shoulder musculature. During this process the trapezius is comprehensively massaged. For a highly effective shoulder massage experien-ce, unequalled by any other dry water massage device on the market.

Novelties of the Wellsystem Medwave:

• Intensive massage of the shoulder and neck musculature (musculus trapezius)
• Innovative jets cause an intensifi cation of the massage sensation
• A strengthened rubber mat in the sitting area facilitates ascent and descent
• Puristic, elegant design with ambient lighting
• High-quality surface with a noble leather appearance
• An optional cooling system enables a choice between cooling through water or ambient air

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