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dry water massage is as easy as that

Wellsystem Relax is filled with approx. 300 litres of water which can be heated to a comfortable 25 to 40 degrees. The massage nozzles jet water against the underside of the natural rubber bed in even arc-shaped movements using steplessly adjustable pressure. The pressure strength, the massage areas and massage times can be controlled individually for every application.

The Wellsystem Relax is operated via a control panel with a soft-touch keyboard. Self-explanatory pictograms make operation extremely simple and straightforward. This enables users to comfortably adjust the different pressures and massage areas individually - even during use. In addition, there are chip cards available with massage programs that have been developed by experts.

Massage areas

  • Whole body
  • Back
  • Shoulder area
  • Lumbar region
  • Legs
  • Section massage
  • Point massage

Wellsystem Relax can be used while wearing leisure clothing, sports clothing or even a business outfit – without any extensive preparation beforehand or needing to shower afterwards. Simply relax and enjoy!

// Whether whole body or partial body massage, whether point or section massage: Every user finds the right type of massage. //

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