Profitability –
high economic advantages

Wellsystem Relax offers a lot of room for relaxation yet only requires a small amount of space combined with a minimal amount of personnel expenses and low operating costs. With its appealing design and unique colouring it provides a visual enhancement for every room and can contribute both to acquiring new customers and also to maintaining the loyalty of existing customers. With Wellsystem Relax you increase both the customer satisfaction and also your revenue. Chip cards with integrated payment function simplify your invoicing. In addition, Wellsystem Relax possesses an interface for all commercially available control systems.

Wellsystem Relax proves its profitability with only a few applications per day or via corresponding monthly subscriptions. Innovative marketing concepts as well as tailored financing options, along with rental and leasing offers, are available. The sophisticated promotion package will make it easy for you to convince your customers of the benefits offered by Wellsystem Relax.

Wellsystem Relax pays itself off with an average of only 3 applications per day.

Wellsystem Relax calculation*

Based on a 15 minute massage on the Wellsystem Relax for € 6.00.

At 12 customers per day

Operating time per day 3 hours
Revenue per year € 25.200
Revenue per month € 2.100
Leasing € 300
Electricity costs € 44
Surplus per month € 1.756

At 8 customers per day

Operating time per day 2 hours
Revenue per year € 16.800
Revenue per month € 1.400
Leasing € 300
Electricity costs € 29
Surplus per month € 1.071

* Revenue based on 7 days per week, 50 weeks per year; Leasing duration of 54 months, 0% deposit, 5% residual value. The estimated electricity costs per operating hour amount to € 0.50, based on an average price of approximately € 0.20 per KWh.

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