Wellsystem_Spa is the valuable addition for all Wellsystem products and enhances the recuperative effects of the dry water massage with its diverse range of programmes. As such, Wellsystem_Spa fulfils individual needs and makes an essential contribution to increasing satisfaction. Wellsystem_Spa proves its cost-efficiency with only a few applications each day. Simply contact us to find out more about our current leasing offers!

Wellsystem_Spa calculation*

Based on 15 minutes relaxation for € 2.00.
Operating costs per 15 Minuten (all treatments) € 0.035

At 12 patients per day

Revenue per month € 700
Operating costs per month € 12
Surplus per month € 688
Revenue per year € 8.400
Operating costs per year € 147
Surplus per year € 8.253

At 8 patients per day

Revenue per month € 467
Operating costs per month € 8
Surplus per month € 459
Revenue per year € 5.600
Operating costs per year € 98
Surplus per year € 5.502

* Revenue based on 7 days per week, 50 weeks per year; Leasing duration of 54 months, 0% deposit, 5% residual value; Estimated electricity costs per operating hour amount to € 0.50, based on an average price of approximately € 0.20 per kWh.

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